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Need music for your next Video? The entire album “Uplift” is allowed to be distributed freely for creative commons purposes. The album still however needs to be purchased to have these mp3’s to use. BUT, as a special gift to Lovelstzy, Ylecas is allowing 4 songs to be distributed for free to be used for AMV’s and other creative commons media!

(We won’t hold it against you if you just want to download and listen, please enjoy!)

More about Ylecas

100% from purchases of Ylecas’s “Uplift” go directly to Lovelstzy Association, supporting green projects for the arts and other charitable initiatives.

If you don’t know about Ylecas, their latest album “Uplift” is a unique blend of spiritual sci-fi, motivational lyrics mixed with a blend of classic Eurodance and synth pop. Kid/Teen friendly and great for workouts, exercise and fitness mixes or just something to listen to make you feel good.

You can check out more about them on their website: