Raising funds now to film in South Africa

The fire that destroyed 3000 homes in Hout Bay South Africa in March 2017 happened near ABC For Life. We are raising funds to travel to South Africa and film both ABC For Life and the fire relief.  —

We interviewed Nyaradzo Purazi from ABC For Life regarding what’s going on. She’s also part of the Apostolic Faith Ministries which is providing aid.

Interviewer: Hi we understand you’re helping people with the fire situation in Hout Bay. We just want to say that we understand you must be exhausted with your efforts and commend you upon it.

Nyara: Thank you for getting in touch. It is so sad to see people suffering and we are doing the best we can as a church.

We are helping these people on the capacity of United Apostolic Faith Ministries. We are sourcing our own funders to help victims. Fifteen members of our church were affected. We pitched a tent Saturday evening after realizing that accommodation was not going to be enough(there were 3 centers only to cater for more than 2000 people).

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Nyara: We approached the disaster management and Red Cross, just to let them know we pitched a tent and that they must tell people that anyone who wants accommodation is welcome to use the tent. As a church we are providing warm food, shelter and sourcing clothing and blankets for the victims.

There are also a number of organizations helping out as well, since the need is very big.

We need some official documents (our church is registered here in South Africa; I can send you the

Interviewer: What kind of relief have you or the church provided?

Nyara: We pitched a 150 seater tent to shelter people who are in need of accommodation.

The numbers of people who come to sleep in the tent vary per day, but it’s an average of 40 people per day we accommodate.

We are also providing meals. We sourced furniture, blankets, linen, clothes from different people and it was distributed to the victims.

Being a church, we are also offering counseling and emotional support through sharing the word of God to the victims as a way of giving them hope.

Once the building material has been distributed by the disaster management, we will help as much as we can to facilitate the quick building of their homes as we have builders In our church who are willing to volunteer their time to help as well.

Interviewer: How many people are effected in general

Nyara: The estimated of homes burnt is 650 and the people affected is estimated at between 2000 and 3000.

Registration of the victims is still under progress.

Interviewer: Wow, how many families are effected who are connected to ABC For Life?

Nyara: So far we know of seven kids who participate in our ABC for Life who were affected.

Interviewer: It’s amazing to hear how many people were effected by the fire. On another note, what’s new in ABC For Life?

Nyara: For the first time we are encouraging parents to be involved in their children’s education. We hold meetings every term and we give them update on how the program is doing and what they can do as parents to improve their child’s learning environments.

We are also sending home work packs home as a way of cultivating a learning environment at home.

ABC for Life recently implemented a Career Guidance program, targeting grade 9 and 1o. This is after we realized that number of learners in disadvantaged communities leave school at grade 10 and after that they are unemployed and do not know the way forward to be successful. Through the introduction of this program our youngsters will be equipped with the information that will make them productive citizens, they will be given information regarding career options available , how to apply to a technical college, how to apply for a bursary and we are in the process of networking with a number of organizations so that they can provide internship places as a way of exposing them to the working environment.

Interviewer: ABC has really gone through so much growth, it’s so amazing to have seen it develop over the last few years. We are working now to raise funds to come to film and use the footage to continue to raise funds for the project in Europe as well as other countries around the world.

Nyara: Thank you that will be great! I believe it will go a long way in improving our funds as well.

What is “ABC For Life?”

Many rural schools in South Africa have one teacher for 30 or more students per class. Because of this many children don’t get the direct support they need to learn basic subjects and then begin to fall behind. Children who didn’t learn to read, write or do mathematics can’t proceed in even secondary education (or High School). Their only option then is to find work in labor jobs when they get older. With an already extremely high unemployment rate in South Africa, the only option for many to survive is to resort to crime.

ABC For life takes children who are falling behind and gives them the direct support they need whether personally or in small groups. With the plans to expand further to other schools, ABC For Life currently reaches more than 300 students at the Sentinal School in Hout Bay near Cape Town South Africa.

“It is  a registered South African NPO (073-897) and PBO (930-029-913) under the umbrella of the Hout Bay Education Trust.”

South African Hero Desmond Tutu visiting ABC For Life and offering his blessing.

How does Lovelstzy Support?

Because of South African Law, all registered Non-Profit Organizations cannot generate or raise funds through any means except donations. Lovelstzy is registered in Switzerland and is allowed to raise funds through means such as the sale of products and events to achieve self sufficiency without relying solely on donations. An ongoing mission of Lovelstzy is to support ABC For Life through donating a percentage of generated funds. For example, the soon to be released Golden Rainbow Villages book, cd, dvd and game compilation has has 100% royalty going to ABC For Life. Lovelstzy also currently supports ABC For Life through online advertising, promotion and website design.