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We love to give back to the community and connect people. It’s something magical when those of like mind come together and share in something they enjoy doing. It’s even more magical if that something will impact the future of our planet in a positive way. Through the efforts of Lovelstzy Association and numerous volunteers around the world, plant-based and gluten free gatherings were initiated and supported in over 5 countries spanning 3 continents.

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Past Events

Past Events

Staefa (near Zurich) – Switzerland

From Switzerland with Love (Click)

We had the first official Plant-Food gathering in Staefa Switzerland. It was a beautiful evening and we were visited by two cute kitties who also indulged in some plant-based cat grass! The event was spent on the terrace of the co-organizer Tatjana Turquoise who also contributed fresh fruit and vegetables directly from her garden.

Fun Fact: Staefa is situated on the “Golden Coast” of Lake Zurich, 25 minutes from the city center.

California – USA

Film and Food go together in California (Click)

Raw Vegan Catering in Los Angeles for the cast and crew during the filming of our upcoming Crystal Aliens Movie. Special thanks to: Justin Feldman for Raw Vegan Kale Chips and Whole Foods Market for various Raw Vegan meals.

United Kingdom

Somethings happening in Cheltenham - UK (Click)

Raw Vegan Love organized and co-hosted the 1st Raw Vegan Potluck in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire UK. In cooperation with Whole Foods Market, The Core Restaurant, Forking Fit and Happily Raw.

South Africa

Hello Africa, Hello Capetown (Click)

Raw Food Potluck at Craig de Gouveia’s place. Cape Town – South Africa


Belgrade City Hall

A first in Belgrade, a first in Serbia (Click)

We organized the first Raw Vegan potluck in Serbia in the capital city of Belgrade. We needed a space so we managed to get the city officials to let us host the event in City Hall. 100+ people attended and all brought with them a raw dish, fruit or veggie. The event was publicized and shown on National TV. (Prva 1). This was the first of several monthly potlucks we did here while we stayed in Belgrade.

Volunteers Unite in Belgrade

Together we are stronger (Click)

There was such an interest from participants to continue, so we organized a group of volunteers in Belgrade Serbia to continue the free community potlucks and events after we leave the country. Special thanks to: Vlada and Bojana of Esotheria, Margareta Vesna of Zdraviji Izbor and Nutritionist Milan Nikolic.

 Belgrade Movie Theater

Charity for the community, Charity for the homeless children (Click)

Lovelstzy and Raw Vegan Love hits the big screens! (Well, Almost) We organized to have one of our community potlucks at one of the largest cinemas in the entire country.

After the community raw food potlucks in Belgrade we donated the leftover fruits and vegetables to the local homeless children’s shelter.


1st Plant-Food Gathering in Vojvodina (Novi Sad)

It was a warm summer day... (Click)

After the success of the event we created in Belgrade, a passionate health enthusiest in Novi Sad wanted to bring the vision to Vojvodina. The event took place outside on a beautiful summer day and children and animals attended the event.

Event organizer: Irene Barrett.

Special thanks to Olivera Rosic of

2nd Gathering and Volunteer Meeting

Food and Education, a favorite recipe (Click)

Our second official potluck took place in a educational setting. Thanks to a local primary school who donated their classroom for the event, we were able to gather the volunteers in a place with proper facilities. The volunteer turnout ended up rivaling the head count in Belgrade which made it not only a successful volunteer meeting, but also a successful potluck.

With special guest: Marina Grubic
-Photograph by Duda Simeonovic

1st Plant-Food Event in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A day in Bosnia (Click)

We organized the first ever Raw Vegan informational seminar in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the northern city of Tuzla. A news crew attended the the event and it was later broadcasted on local television. We were interviewed on a program after the event for around 25 minutes.

Fun facts: the iskysoft logo on the photo is a water mark for a program we used to decode the video. We asked for the recording after the video was broadcasted locally and the station gave us a professional video format that our video editing tools (or Youtube for that matter) didn’t recognize. The show was in Bosnian language.

Volunteering at the event was Olivera Rosic of

1st Raw Vegan Potluck in Croatia

Creating Community in Croatia (Click)

We organized the first ever Raw Vegan Potluck in Zagreb Croatia under our “Vivo Fest” moniker we had created after doing events in Serbia and Bosnia. The event was held at Elixer: Raw Food Club. The energy was already ripe (like the fruits) as we did this event just a week or so after the first vegan festival in Croatia.

Special thanks to Mihaela Devescovi of and Art of Raw

Fun Fact: The Vivo Fest name was created for volunteers to use officially for events they make. We created a facebook group to stay in communication and answer questions.

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