What We Do

LoveLsTzy® Association is a registered non-profit organization in Switzerland.

In summary we provide multi­media, eco­friendly and plant based educational services including games, videos, music, books, online, namely, conducting programs in the field of consciousness raising and interfaith and intercultural understanding and cooperation in Switzerland and internationally. The association is politically and religiously independent and pursues the following goals:

The purpose of the association is divided under 4 primary pillars:

1. Education

2. Health and Diet (Plant­Based, Gluten­Free)

3. Scientific Research and Ecological Action

4. Spirituality (Intercultural ­Interfaith cooperation)

Education: In the form of services both in person and online. This pillar represents the foundation of the association and covers aspects of all pillars. We promote education in the form of multimedia including but not limited to: Games, Film, Music, Books, Seminars and Webinars (These may be used in combination). Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship may also be incorporated in various forms.

Health and Diet (Plant-Based, Gluten-Free):
This includes educational potlucks and the promotion of healthy, plant based, and gluten free products. We also promote these products to become more widely available in places such as shops at petrol stations, schools, airports, hotels and other commercial venues. We also promote raising awareness and to communicate with companies for the removal of harmful additives in food and ingredients.

Scientific Research and Ecological Action: Studying and applying various ecological techniques for sustainable farming and agriculture of biological fruits and vegetables, as well as educating adults and children through active participation in fields. Public research and education also includes sustainable energy such as Solar power, Wind Power and Cold Fusion.

Spirituality (Intercultural-Interfaith cooperation): Bringing people together of different faiths, countries and backgrounds to learn from each other in various forms of educational events and gatherings.

Our current Statutes can be found at the link below:
Lovelstzy® Association Statutes

We are also committed to Green Environment and are printing all our materials digitally to
reduce environmental waste. We also print on recycled paper when ever possible and are
constantly looking for more cost effective ways to publish. If you are a digital
printer using recycled paper with competitive prices we would love to hear from you


Micha – CFO executive producer

Jasmine Lovelstzy ~ co-founder, President – filmaker and visionary

Nicolas Radcliffe ~ co-founder, CEO – composer and producer

Cornelle du Plessis – Secretary of Association – psychologist and teacher

Prieur du Plessis – COO – Chief Operating Officer – head of marketing and religious counseling ~

Ivan du Plessis – CCO – Chief Child Officer – kids voice

Laurence Singer – attorney ~ http://laurencesinger.com

Biljana Ackovski – legal translator ~

Barbara Kreitmayer, MArch – architect ~

Jovan Drapsin – Associate Producer –

Vanja Drapsin – German Translator and Collaborator

LoveLsTzy® is legally a registered trademark in the United States since 2010, under educational services, namely, conducting programs in the fields of intercultural cooperation to facilitate the awakening process of interconnection.