After being pulled off Amazons online shelves in late July, “The Future of Charity – The Pokemon Generation” is finally available for the holiday season. 

The book that stirred controversy with statements such as “Charities are like emotional drug dealers that are endorsed by the public and given privileges by the government.” actually brings some insight into the lives of todays millenials.

If you’re looking for an easy book that explains the millennial generation from the perspective of a millennial, then you’ve come to the right place. At its core, the book focuses on 3 primary topics:

  1. How charities and systems really work.
  2. Why Pokemon is such a thing with Millennial’s and the attraction to Pokemon Go.
  3. Where this generation going and the key to a brighter future.


The idea of The Future of Charity came from the author’s personal experiences of registering a charity as well as growing up in California, leaving and later reconnecting with some of his colleagues. A deep understanding took place as to where the world is and where it’s going by analyzing what this generation is all about.


“I see so many people living their lives without meaning, just searching for something to get them out of bed. It’s no wonder that so many of my generation, including myself, can’t see a way to navigate inside a broken system. We have to not just pick up where our parents left off, but create a better system that works for everyone rather than trying to fit so many  square pegs into round holes.” -Nicolas Radcliffe


With the official announcement, Pokemon Go is now teaming up with Starbucks and Sprint to create gyms and Pokemon stops at thousands of locations, it seems that Pokemon Go hasn’t vanished as just a summer fad just yet.

All sales from the books go to Lovelstzy Association, a registered non-profit charity. The book is now available on