EDU: Sustainable Legal System


If Ignorantia juris non excusat,

then knowing the Law is a human right! …so let’s learn with L0VE!

Digital Rule of Law International Research Institute

Educational Program: Ethics and Spiritual Legal System

Supporting the 2030 UN Agenda #16 for Equal Access to Justice, by sustainably offering legal and business education to those who wish to learn and follow The Rule of Law. This includes refugees, immigrants, as well as the Digital Generations and others who are used to equal opportunities to win within video games, programs where rules are clearly stated at the beginning.

Our goals are to create Comparative Law with the following focus:

1. International Ethics and Spiritual Law
2. International Ethics and Spiritual LLM and JD program
3. International Ethics and Spiritual Bar Exam
4. International Ethics and Spiritual Court System

We are also looking to partner with different Local and International Universities who also support 2030 UN Agenda.

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